The Environment / Carbon Tax

Most arguments against a carbon tax sound like they came from an oil company press release and as if the issue at hand was arbitrary fiscal policy. When you consider that the issue at hand is the future of the planet, the arguments against are more than just a bit lame.

In fact they are fine examples of corporate obstructionist thought.

Some examples

“.. just a revenue grab by desperate governments”

Used to fight any government measure – just insert the name of the tax,

“… they create artificial winners and losers in the economy”

Right now the artificial winners are the heavily subsidized oil companies etc.

“…they will simply drive jobs and business offshore to cheaper locales. “

Stock response to every type of environmental proposal – there is, of course, no evidence.

As to the other arguments:  Of course Alberta will object, changing our addiction to oil will not come easy but it will be easier if we start now.  As to inflation – driving up the cost of already expensive gas-guzzlers will hardly affect the common man, and any real harmful effects on low-income families can easily be offset.

These aren’t real arguments.  These are the stock responses of a protected and massively profitable sector of our economy to a changing reality. Right now a whole host of government policies are in fact subsidizing oil and motor vehicle use at the expense of other alternatives. In instituting modest carbon or green taxes governments are really just beginning to level the playing field.